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17.10.2023 uploaded manuals
File Name Size Date Member
Sony XAV-AX3250 please sm tx 17.10.2023 vlado64 (1777) Blue Member
Thanks npt348, for your help. 17.10.2023 Kastell (5950) Blue Member
info button   44 (PDF October 2022 edition of New Electronics.pdf
- October edition of New Electronics
10,46 MB 17.10.2023 FIXITNOW (1429) Blue Member
Becker Mexico CD BE 865 service manual 17.10.2023 LINDAS (10854) Silver Member
I dont suppose anyone has a schematic for the Joyo double thruster pedal ?, i think its model R-28
- thanks in advance in case i forget to thanks you
17.10.2023 GotServMan (2136) Silver Member
info button   36 (PDF SAMSUNG Un40j5200af Chassis Uae50.pdf
- may be usefull,Kastell
7,84 MB 17.10.2023 npt348 (256) Blue Member
Samsung un40j5200dgczb - Service Manual, Please Upload. Thanks 17.10.2023 Kastell (5950) Blue Member
Samsung un40j5200dgczb
- Service Manual, Please Uplad. Thanks
17.10.2023 Kastell (5950) Blue Member
info button   16 (PDF BECKER BE 4603 Schema Pages 14.pdf 674,91 KB 17.10.2023 LINDAS (10854) Silver Member
info button   23 (PDF BECKER Bavaria C Service Manual Pages 41.pdf 51,9 MB 17.10.2023 LINDAS (10854) Silver Member
info button   20 (PDF BECKER Audio 30 USA 3302 Mercedes MJ98 USA Training Manual Pages 58 .pdf 2,16 MB 17.10.2023 LINDAS (10854) Silver Member
info button   22 (PDF BECKER Audio 30 APS Navigation Service Manual De.pdf 7,64 MB 17.10.2023 LINDAS (10854) Silver Member
Becker Mexico CD BE 865
- morning from London
17.10.2023 LINDAS (10854) Silver Member
info button   34 (PDF Boss SYB 5 Bass Synthesizer.pdf 969,91 KB 17.10.2023 kostake (67401) Silver Member
info button   32 (PDF Boss SYB 3 Bass Synthesizer.pdf 236,13 KB 17.10.2023 kostake (67401) Silver Member
info button   36 (PDF Boss LMB 3 Bass Limiter.pdf 172,7 KB 17.10.2023 kostake (67401) Silver Member
Im gonna try those values and see if it works,, it has to do something lol one more pedal
- BOSS LMB-3 Bass Limiter Enhancer need schematic
17.10.2023 GotServMan (2136) Silver Member
thanks Kostake this one is abit older uses the MN3101 and MN3007 maybe control values are the same
- i dont know this is missing all of em lol
17.10.2023 GotServMan (2136) Silver Member
info button   11 (jpg s l1600.jpg
- ooops never mind it opened .I need the service data for the POD Pro XT its a rack unit, all black
79,85 KB 17.10.2023 GotServMan (2136) Silver Member
info button   36 (PDF Boss CEB 3 Bass Chorus.pdf 278,11 KB 17.10.2023 kostake (67401) Silver Member
I dont know radiocx the file is password protected 17.10.2023 GotServMan (2136) Silver Member
Boss CEB-3 chorus pedal schematic needed or the values of the pots would help 17.10.2023 GotServMan (2136) Silver Member
CV6681-A42 EMMC Please upload 17.10.2023 aze1959 (6834) Silver Member
kenwood m-918dab sm
- pls upload
17.10.2023 shah76116 (1467) Blue Member
info button   57 (PDF K150 PIC Programmer.pdf 1,01 MB 17.10.2023 pravinmevada (2971) Silver Member
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